Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Favorite Things!

This list has been sent out to my family and hinted at numerous times, but now I get to share it with you all as part of the "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" Link-up today! I have been wanting all these things for the past few months, and honestly plan on buying them the day after Christmas if there are any missing from my pile!

1. Calligraphy Set - I've recently started hand-lettering some of my favorite quotes, and putting them around my house and office, as personal encouragements. I feel like having an actual calligraphy set will make this even more fun! This one is a bit pricey, but you get your money's worth from the other smaller kits I was looking at, I also noticed their prices rose just within the past month, I'm assuming for the holidays, if this isn't under the tree I may wait until January to see if it drops down again! 

2. Druzy Ring - I have always loved druzy jewelry, and I have been swooning over the top ring (the platinum). I've probably hinted about this the most so here's hoping this or a similar piece is under the tree!

3. Phone Case - I've been on the hunt for a new phone case, I'm kind of picky, it has to cover the edges, be rubber/silicone, but still feel sturdy, I'm way too paranoid about dropping my phone! I currently have a Fossil case and love the way it feels and fits! This pattern is so much fun, I love the colors, and feel like it's right on the verge between leopard print and floral which I think is so fun! 

4. Faux Fur Blanket  - I haven't met a fur blanket that I don't like! We've been working on revamping our bedroom, and I've decided on this beauty as a throw for the end of our bed! I may break, and get this before Christmas! 

5. Cards for recipe box - I saw these cards in a boutique about a month ago, and fell in love! Since I've been married I've been collecting quite a few recipes. As much as I love Pinterest I hate having to to look for a specific recipe on there and then look at my phone or go back to the app 10 times while I'm making something, and I just love pretty paper so why waste a reason to get some? 

6. Recipe Box - Once I saw the cards above I began a hunt for the perfect box that would match them! I think this box isn't too obnoxious, but it has just the right amount of glam! Can't wait to fill it up with all of my favorite recipes! 

I'm linking up with Elise, Katie, Zelle & April! Check out all of their wishlists! 


  1. How pretty are those rings?! Stopping by from the link up.

  2. Nothing beats a fur blanket in these cold temps! So worth it. Thanks for linking up today!

  3. That phone case is ahmazing!!!

  4. I love those adorable recipe cards and I would absolutely love to learn calligraphy! My Mom is actually pretty talented with it and I always love when she uses it!


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