Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday!

I am so glad it's Friday! I am leaving work today at 2:00 PM and not coming back for over a week! That's what I call a happy day! Without further ado. . . here are my top 5 moments!

1. Zeke's Haircut - This poor guy. . . he couldn't even see! We had to re-schedule his haircut twice because of different things, and it was getting pretty rough, I can't believe how soft he is now. . . and those eyes! I forgot how cute he could be ! <3

2. Pinterest Party - Our teen small groups had a Pinterest Party on Wednesday, and it was a success! I think everybody loved it! We let them make 4 crafts (if they had time) They just brought a few dollars and some mason jars. We had chalkboard paint, and glitter to decorate jars, and then they could make cookie jars, and sugar scrubs. It was messy, but totally worth it!

3. Christmas Decorations - Christmas decorations go up tomorrow night!!! We always put them up before we travel for Thanksgiving so we can come back to a beautiful Christmas filled house! Cannot wait!

4. Glazed Bisque-It - Some of the ladies in our office went out last night for a night of painting pottery, it was so much fun to get to know them out of the office, and enjoy some pizza and crafting at the same time!

5. Cinderella - Hasn't happened yet, but tonight we're heading down to Durham to see Cinderella!!! My husband and I saw it in NYC this past January and it was so wonderful when I heard it was going to be so close to my parents I decided we would make the 3 hour drive to see it, and them!

I'm linking up with Lauren ElizabethMeet @ the BarreCarolina Charm, and The Farmer's Wife! Check out these awesome ladies, all of their blogs will keep you entertained for hours! 


  1. Have fun seeing Cinderella! Sounds so fun!

  2. Zeke is so cute! I would love to see Cinderella! I'll have to see if it's playing near us anytime soon!

  3. I want to see the Cinderella soooo bad!!!! I'm going to check if it is playing anywhere near us! Hope you had a great time!! :)


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