Monday, January 5, 2015

2 Years Later the 5 Best Things I did, and you should too!

Today I have been married for 2 years. . . this seems crazy to me! How can it possibly be that I've already spent 2 years with the love of my life?! Sometimes I feel like it's been 10, and more often I feel like we just got married a couple months ago.

I made a lot of mistakes about my wedding, my photographer was awful, I should've spent more money on certain things, and less money on a lot of things, I'm sure there will eventually be a post about that, because I don't want anybody to make the mistakes I did!

Today, however, I want to think about my wedding day, and even though I would have done things differently, it was absolutely perfect! I wasn't nervous, and everything seemed to go smoothly, and even when it didn't, I could not have cared less! There are so many things that made up this perfect day, but I wanted to share some things, that I am so glad that I did, and hey maybe you should too! These are in no particular order, but I hope they will help some bride out there!

1. I just said these are in no particular order, but this is probably my favorite thing that we did! We got married January 5, just a little while after Christmas, so for our Christmas presents to each other we decided to get perfume/cologne for our special day! I cannot recommend doing this enough, every time I wear the perfume (normally just on special occasions) it brings waves of emotions, and memories! It was also very important that we picked them out together (I'm pretty picky) and that way we knew each of us liked the choice, and wouldn't hate the smell of our wedding day! In case you're curious we got Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme for me, and The One for Aaron.

2. Get a coffee with the Bride written on it - I just thought this was adorable, and loved the photo op! My husband loves Starbucks, so he has this picture hanging in his office. This is the only day you get to have that written on your coffee so go for it! 

3. Do a First Look - I cannot even imagine then inconvenience of waiting to see Aaron until the ceremony. I suppose it may be different if you have an earlier wedding, but this day is about you and your love, why wouldn't you want to spend it with them? Just my personal opinion, but everyone is different! I loved being able to spend time with Aaron, before everything got hectic, it also helped with pictures!

4. Question Guestbook -  I still look over our guestbook, because it's sweet, sentimental, and hilarious all at the same time! I took our engagement photos, and put questions on different pages for the guests to answer! It was so much fun, and there were some answers from people I would have never expected! It's much better than a list of names in a blank book I'll never look at again!

5. Have fun - I know this is completely cliche' but it's true! If anything goes wrong you are going to be the only one to notice it! Don't spend your day focusing on the bad! Remember all the fun moments that make your wedding day yours and yours alone! Like when you have a surprise visitor at your first look, or you have to switch shoes with your Maid of Honor because your heels are sinking into the mud, and how many times the recessional song was messed up in the rehearsal, but it worked out perfectly when it really counted!  


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