Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

I am so glad it is finally Friday! Honestly All day Wednesday I though it was Thursday, so I felt like the last half of this week just drug by! 

1. There are ladies that take turns doing the flowers for the front of our church. Well this week she gave them to me, they were the most beautiful roses, with a ton of greenery! They also happened to match our new room! If you can't tell from the name of this blog I love roses! (Rose is my middle name) They've added such a beautiful element to our room, and I hate that they're already fading. . . 

2. Our church cancelled services on Wednesday (because school was cancelled, the light dusting that we had was gone by noon) So we went out with some friends to a sushi/Asian restaurant. I don't eat sushi, but their fried rice is absolutely amazing! Anyway we had so many people we were able to get a sushi "boat" I wish I had taken a picture, but just believe me it was awesome! 

3. 2/52 I've finished my second book so I'm one step closer to finishing my Reading Challenge!

4. Aaron started grad school again . . . ugh! This isn't necessarily a happy moment in the Five for Friday, but o well! It's definitely a major part of our week now, and I did get a lot of reading done last night when I took this picture! This was our attempt at quality time! Ha!

5. My parents are coming up tomorrow for a little bit, and I'm hoping we'll get a few projects done around the house!

I'm linking up with Lauren ElizabethMeet @ the BarreCarolina Charm, and The Farmer's Wife, and Coffee with Caitlin! Check out these awesome ladies, all of their blogs will keep you entertained for hours! 


  1. Those roses are beautiful! I have to ask you... where did you get the wrought iron piece above your bed? I am looking for something similar. Thanks!!


    1. Thank you Justine! We got that when we were first married after we decided we couldn't afford an actual headboard. We found it at Hobby Lobby, but I also remember seeing similar ones at Kirkland's! Good luck on your search!!

  2. Love the flower arrangement!! Your room is so pretty! Hope you enjoy your time with your family this weekend :) Happy Friday!

  3. Love fresh flowers. It always makes any room feel special. I am so impressed that you're reading one book a week!!! Holy cow! I wish I could tackle one a month. I love to read, but I need to make the time for it. Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. We'll see how long the 1 book a week lasts. . . fingers crossed! haha
      Thanks for stopping by!


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