Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge

Last year you may remember that I chose 10 books to read for the year. I failed. . . not that I didn't read books, I would just buy different books than were on my list, so I read them instead! But going back to the fact that I only had 10 books on my list and only finished 7 in the year is pretty sad. 

I found this list (also pictured below) about a week ago on Pinterest, and thought to myself, that looks like so much fun! I love a good challenge, but obviously I don't finish them all that often!

I was sitting around playing a game with my husband and friend, and mentioned a few books I was going to fit in my challenge, and was asking for recommendations. I was met with some skepticism (they are aware of my lack of devotion in the past!) My husband bet me $52 ($1 for every book) that I wouldn't finish, I countered with $104, and we had a bet! Then my friend hopped in saying she would bet a show ticket (we're both musical fans) So with $104, and a ticket to a musical (honestly it's more like 2 because obviously whoever loses will also be going to the show) on the line I am pressing through my list of 52 books!

Fortunately, it isn't a strict list, they give you a qualification: a book more than 500 pages, a book published this year, and you get to choose the books you want to read that fit in the description! 

  It basically equals out to 1 book a week. . . right now I'm on my 2nd book so 50 & a half to go!!!
Wish me luck! And join along if you would like! I'll be doing a review post at the end of each month for all the books I'll have read! 

P.S. any suggestions for a book with a love triangle, a book originally written in a different language, or a book that has bad reviews? 


  1. What a great idea!! Definitely love to read so I might need to attempt something like this!

    1. I highly recommend finding someone to make a bet with! It's great motivation ;)


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