Monday, January 26, 2015


I had a wonderful weekend and am so sad to see that it's over! 

I was so excited because on Friday, I had a surprise appointment, and got to leave early! I went to meet with a local high school, and I will be directing their spring musical! Little Women here I come! 

That night everything we were supposed to go to got cancelled because of weather, so we went to see American Sniper - such a good movie! It was very sad though, and I cried during most of it. I am so thankful to live in this country, and have men that are protecting us even when it hurts them (mentally, and physically)

Saturday, and Sunday were so productive, and relaxing! It was wonderful! 

We went for a walk up to out mail box (it's about a quarter of a mile away)

I made a Valentine's Day(ish) wreath, 

and watched a lot of The Office! 

I would definitely say that last thing was the most profitable part of my weekend! 

Happy Monday!! 

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