Friday, August 15, 2014

Five on Friday

We are here for another weekend!!! Yay!!! So excited to have this weekend to do nothing! I've been a production of Oklahoma, and haven't had a free Saturday in about a month! Here are my 5 highlights from the week!

1. Macaroon Monday - I had some friends over on Monday and finally made macaroons! They are so pretty I have been dying to try my hand at them. I was a little scared, but was so excited when they turned out pretty well!

2. Aaron at camp - my husband is a youth pastor so he spent the past week out at a local camp speaking. I went out to see him on Tuesday, he did a wonderful job, I am so proud of him!

3. Ultimate Frisbee - I was in charge of Youth Group on Wednesday since Aaron was gone, we went to a local coffee shop, played some corn-hole, and then went out for some Ultimate Frisbee. I only played one game, but it was also nice to sit and talk with all of the girls on the sidelines. 

4. Pistachio Cupcakes - These are my Achilles' Heel, I could seriously eat about 20 of them. . . no joke! I had my wedding cake made out of this recipe, so it always brings back amazing memories! We had a cupcake competition at work, I didn't win, but I did get a few votes. . . I'm always nervous I won't get any when we have those kind of things! 

5. Movie Night - tonight Aaron and I are going to have a movie marathon (can you call 2 movies a marathon?) It's been forever since we watched a movie at all. . . especially at home, I've been wanting to see Lone Survivor and the Lego Movie, both were in Redbox so that's what we're doing tonight to kick off our weekend!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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  1. Those cupcakes look professionally made- impressive!

  2. New Follower, nice to meet you
    You did a great job on those macroons. Did they taste as good as they looked?
    Enjoy your relaxing weekend

  3. you MADE those macarons? Wow, lady!! Great job! I'm totally impressed!


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