Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! You don't see those words too often, but I had a wonderful weekend, and I'm only working half a day today! So I would call that a happy monday!

We had Pastor Appreciation yesterday at our church, and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was! We are so thankful for the church the Lord has put us in. When I was growing up I never even heard of Pastor Appreciation, but our current church (my husband is the Student Ministries Pastor, but there are only 2 pastors so many times he seems like more of an Associate Pastor) goes all out. We had a couple of people who completely ran the service so that the pastors wouldn't have any responsibilities. I know that sometimes pastor's can be overlooked, but this is a wonderful way to show love for the staff you may have at your church! October is Pastor Appreciation Month so you still have a couple days! It can be as simple as getting him his favorite candy bar, or a heartfelt note! We were so overwhelmed at all the love we received, between the kind words said at the pulpit, and the gifts we received! 

 One of the ladies in our church made flower arrangements for the wives, and this bouquet is just too beautiful. Every time she does the altar flowers I love them, she has a knack for finding the perfect balance of arranged and handpicked. 

I loved the decorations they put on the door to the Youth Room! They did such an awesome job! 

Over the weekend we had a gas fireplace put in! There's a little more staining/trim work to do, but I was too excited to not put decor around it! 

She Reads Truth just started their study on Hospitality, and it was already an encouragement! Make sure you go check it out on their site!

Another happy thing I don't have a picture for, is Aaron and I booked our trip to Disneyworld for next year! I've been talking about it since we got married! He seems to think he doesn't like Disneyworld, but he hasn't been since he was 10, and last time they went with his 8 yr old sister and 2 babies, in July, and there was some kind of big convention. Ugh I might not like it under those circumstances either? October 19th I am already counting down the days! 

Hope that you have a wonderful Monday!


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