Monday, October 20, 2014

Sushi & the Opera

Whoever did the design for the opera was amazing! I think it is so beautiful!

Well as you can imagine after that all-nighter on Friday all I wanted to was sleep! But we had tickets to a brand new opera that was premiering just down the street from us! Since my husband was so sweet to come with me, I decided we could go to a sushi place for dinner (I hate sushi- probably stronger than hate, but anyway. . . ) Luckily I think that made him a little bit happier about sitting through an opera with me! 

This opera was so cute, it was written as a children's opera so it was very easy to follow. It was written in English rhyme. It had everything that a fairy tale needs: a princess, a magical quest, a frog you know the deal : ) 

This was the only photo of us we got that night, we didn't even think to charge our phones!

I feel like we didn't even have a weekend from how busy we are! O well! eventually things will slow down, but right now I'm learning to be content with the busyness, and to get things done as fast as I can when I have the chance! Any awesome time-saving tips out there for me? ; ) 


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