Monday, June 9, 2014

A Weekend of Furniture & the Tony's

Wow this weekend has flown by! That's probably because, despite my plans to relax, it was very productive. Friday I got a call from my husband, he was down at the Habitat for Humanity Restore . . . if you are ever in need of furniture, hardware, or cool windows and doors for Pinterest projects, you have to check out the Restore! He sent me this picture of a brand new dresser they had. 

We've been looking for a buffet/long dresser to use as a TV stand. We're currently using a sofa table and it just didn't provide enough storage and wasn't quite sturdy enough for my taste! This piece (I'm not sure if it was originally a dresser or buffet) fit the bill! There is plenty of storage for DVD's, wires, and anything else I want to hide, and it is super sturdy! It isn't real wood, but it is very high quality compressed wood. We'll be painting it, so I didn't care much! 

Since we had a new TV stand we decided to move our sofa table into the dining room. We'll be painting it for a pop of color, and I can't wait to post pics! Saturday was full of painting for me, but thankfully at the end of the day I finally had finished chairs to put with my dining room table! I'll put before and after pics up tomorrow, or Wednesday! 

Sunday's are always very busy for us, my husband is a Youth Pastor, and I help lead the choir, as well as accompany them. That plus some grocery shopping and cleaning made for a busy Sunday! But that night I was so excited because of the Tony's!!! It is seriously one of the best Award shows, they always have amazing musical numbers from the host, as well as many of the nominees! 

I love Hugh Jackman, and whenever he hosts anything, he always makes it enjoyable to watch! A couple of my favorite performances were Idina's Always Starting Over, and A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. I was able to see Idina in If/Then and although I don't agree with all of the agenda's in it, it was a beautiful show that really made you think about your life. It also had a lot of heart-wrenching songs, including the one that she sang at the Tony's. Hope you watched the Tony's and if you didn't be sure to check out some of the performance on Youtube, they'll all be showing up over the next couple days!


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