Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dining Room Chairs

These were a cakewalk compared to the dining room table! Mainly because we used acrylic paint! I decided to skip the priming step with these since they were already a dark wood. 

We have a field right outside our fence so I took the chairs and some cardboard out there to spray paint on, that way I didn't have to worry about it getting on our driveway or on our grass! We used spray paint primer to cut down the painting time, and since it was just primer we could use acrylic over it. After about 4 thin layers of spray paint it only took one coat of the acrylic paint. FYI we used Benjamin Moore's Atrium White on the table, chairs, and bench. Distressing is just sanding and then using a bit of antique glaze which is completely optional! When we took off the beautiful red leather from the seats we found an equally beautiful layer of brown leather. . . ugh! We decided to go with a white and gray damask. It will easily match a number of styles and it wasn't too obnoxious! Recovering the seats was as easy as cutting a square and stapling it to the bottom. Here are a few pictures of the process!

This is what we had to begin with!

Under that red leather was this beautiful brown. . . (read in a sarcastic voice!)

It was so easy to cover though. 

In the process of being spray painted. 

After I brushed a coat of Atrium White on. 

We got the sander out, and distressed them a bit!

Voila! We were done!


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