Wednesday, June 4, 2014

90 day challenge

I am taking a break from my regular reading, because there is a group in our church doing a 90 reading challenge. This means we are reading the Bible in 90 days. . . it equals out to about 14 chapters a day, which as you can imagine doesn't leave a lot of room for other reading!

I wanted you guys to have access to the chronological plan I am using so it's available below! We began June 1, so we're only a few days in,this challenge has been tough so far, and honestly I'm already behind, but it's been wonderful as well! There are so many stories in the Bible I haven't read in so long, or I have only read the snippets that the Pastor speaks about. As a person who was saved at a young age, I often feel like there isn't anything I haven't already learned about these stories. However, the thing I have caught myself doing the most so far, is just being in awe of God and how so many times in the Bible, it is pointed out that He knew exactly what He was doing. The characters like Noah, Job, Abraham etc. they didn't have the whole story we have now, they simply knew what was happening to them in the moment it happened. That's how we are right now, we can only see what is happening right now. What we can't see is that God is orchestrating this entire season of your life! So feel at peace, because our God is in control, and there is no one else i would rather have in control!


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