Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

Well another week has gone by! I'm so excited about this weekend because this Sunday is my birthday! Unfortunately this is going to be a really busy weekend for us. Our youth group is running a concession stand at a local auction to raise money for summer camp on Saturday, and then afterwards a lot of the teens, and my husband will be running through our VBS skit. Sunday will be decorating day for VBS. You can't really skip any of that that when you're in charge of crafts, and your husband's the VBS director and Youth Pastor! I am so thankful for our church and am at least thankful that I'll be able to spend my birthday surrounded by a loving church family!   Here are some of the highlights from this past week and excitement about what's to come!

1) Father's Day - My parents and grandparents along with my brother were able to come up to my house for Father's Day, we were able to cook for them, and enjoy it at our new dining room table! I hate that we didn't get a picture together, but it was so good to have everyone together!

2) Birthday Shirt - Ok so it's not like every birthday I go out and buy a new outfit or shirt, but it's a good excuse when you see something adorable that you have to have! I had a few returns to make to Marshall's on Wednesday so I just took a quick browse to see if there was anything I couldn't live without. Then I saw this beautiful shirt!! Seriously, it's a button up, has ruffles, there's just enough bling, and it's chambray. What more could you ask for?! Since my birthday is on a Sunday, I don't even need an excuse to dress up. This shirt is going to be adorable tucked into a burgundy pencil skirt I have! Now I just have to decide on which shoes. . .

3) Elderberry's - Every once in a while I get to go pick up brochures when my department orders some. I always love it mainly because I get to leave the office and take an extra long lunch! The print shop is also close to where one of my best friends works and an Elderberry's! If you live in the Roanoke/Blacksburg area of Virginia you should definitely check this place out! Amazing wraps, delicious smoothies, and it's always decorated in bright blues and purples!

4) Birchbox - I got my 2nd Birchbox in and it was pretty good. You can check out my full review here!

5)My Birthday Weekend Begins in about 8 hours!!!

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  1. I love your new shirt!! It's darling!! I was just checking out Marshalls last weekend and was so disappointed because the store was mostly empty. I'll have to keep checking back in hopes to find something like your top. Hope you have a great birthday weekend :)


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