Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Easiest Ever Summer Projects

A few weeks ago we moved from an apartment into a rental home near the church my husband works at. We've basically got everything set up how we want, but we've done a few DIY projects to pull things together. I wanted to share a couple that I've done, that really don't even require tutorials! Seriously these are both so easy!

This planter came from Michael's I just grabbed some paint I had laying around. . . I didn't even tape it off when I put the gold paint around, painter's tape would help it look even better! I also painted the inside of the bottom gold for a little extra shimmer! You can get succulents at Lowe's, Home Depot. . . basically anywhere right now, they are so popular. . . not hard to believe since they're so beautiful and easy to take care of. Water them when the soil is dry and make sure they get plenty of sun. I've made 2 other planters 1 for my kitchen, and another for my office, they are the perfect low maintenance plant, and I've heard they purify the air? Not sure about that but it sounds good!

We put our sofa table against one of the walls in our dining room, still trying to decide what all to put up there. We did hang a mirror above it to get some extra light, and I wanted a boxwood wreath to put in front of it. Wow you guys boxwood wreath's are expensive! Even one from Target is $45. I wasn't willing to spend that so I went to Goodwill and found a beautiful. . . not! wreath. After I was done tearing all of the lime green and hot pink roses off I was left with a clean slate to thread my boxwood through! I'm sure many of you have a boxwood bush in your front yard, just go out there and trim off some branches and it's as easy as sticking them in the wreath! 

I kind of like it a little thinner, I love the look of grapevine. You can add as many branches as you want depending on if you want the grapevine to show. I've read that this wreath should last about 1 month before it browns, I'm hoping to find one on sale, or figure out how to preserve the boxwood before it dies!


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