Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Taking Stock

Kate at The Small Things Blog wrote a post like this on Friday and I thought it was a great idea! Sometimes it's good to have these on file to look back to where you were, and also evaluate where you are now. Taking stock was a perfect title given by the original. Many of us don't take stock of our lives often enough. Either we get so busy buzzing through without enjoying life or we waste our days without any purpose! I'm guilty of both sometimes even on the same day! 

Last month I wrote about a 90 day challenge that some of the ladies in our church are doing. I found that it was making me dread my Bible time! I definitely am not saying that you shouldn't make a goal to read your Bible in 90 days, but I chose to do it at the wrong time. I'm in rehearsals a minimum of 3 nights a week, I'm still trying to unpack and decorate my house, and summer is one of the busiest times for my husband so I do most of the housework at this point.

 It's time to take stock, and prioritize! Since I don't have as much time to read my Bible I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it! I don't want to waste the opportunity to read it through in 90 days! I'll come back to it, but right now I'm finding that I can focus more on a few verses and feel more refreshed rather than attempting to rush through 15 chapters a day feeling frazzled and unaccomplished! 

I hope going through this list will help you take stock of your life and shed some light on things that you need to let go and things you shouldn't have let go of in the first place! You can copy and paste and fill in your own answers, and please leave a comment if you decide to do it!    

Making : a lot of progress on the new rental house
Cooking : on the grill
Drinking : more and more water (trying to get up to a gallon a day) 
Reading: my Oklahoma script over and over!
Wanting: an object to go on my living room gallery wall
Looking: at beautiful blue skies
Playing: candy crush. . . far too often
Wasting: time on candy crush!
Sewing: . . . nope
Wishing: for more time in the evenings with my sweetheart
Enjoying: our new patio furniture
Waiting: on my new white plates to come in!
Liking: my new make-up primer Benefit Flawless
Wondering: about where to go on my lunch break today
Loving: the coming 3 day weekend!
Hoping: I can go to the zoo this weekend!
Marvelling: at God's great work
Needing: to decide what color to paint my TV stand
Smelling: Yankee Candle Campfire Treat
Wearing: maxi skirts!
Following: up on so many calls at work!
Noticing: how different I feel depending on my first thoughts in the morning
Knowing: that we're on the home stretch of having the house where we want it
Thinking: about my weekend to-do list
Feeling: determined!
Bookmarking: my Oklahoma script
Opening: emails
Giggling: at Parks & Rec always!
Feeling: like it's Monday, but glad that it's really Tuesday!


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